Superfast broadband

Register your interest in having access to ultrafast broadband (FTTP) where you live or work

North Lincolnshire Council are working with telecoms providers to bring ultrafast broadband to more areas in North Lincolnshire. Ultrafast broadband provides download speeds of up to 1Gbps (1000Mbps). It is also known as ‘full fibre’, ‘fibre to the premises’ and ‘fibre to the home’.

As we spend an increasing amount of time online for work and for recreation, the faster the broadband speed we have access to, the more efficient we become. Individuals and businesses can work and compete at a global level, families and larger households can have multiple devices online at the same time, without interruption, and communities can benefit from a better digital infrastructure, making online services easier to access.

To have the best chance of your area being upgraded, ask local businesses, friends and neighbours to register their interest too.

There will be no obligation to buy into the service when it becomes available. Telecoms providers and the Government will fund the upgrade to the network. You can then choose whether or not to purchase an ultrafast broadband contract.

To register please see the link below:

Digital infrastructure in North Lincolnshire

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