Flixborough Parish Council aim to be as open and clear as possible regarding all financial transactions. The Parish Council follow a set of rules regarding finances and these are set out in the Parish Councils Financial Standing Orders, a copy of which can be accessed here.

In addition to this the Parish Council has a responsibility to publish certain information on this website, this is set out in the governments’ Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities. Most of the information that needs to be published can be found in the Finance section for the relevant year.

Please see the information below regarding the Parish Councils Finances. If you have any questions you may contact the Clerk to the Parish Council or any of the Parish Councillors, details of which can be found here

Each year the Parish Council set its own Budget, this is done by estimating expenditure and comparing this with likely income including the Precept  (Parish Council tax charge) and Village Hall hire. The budget is usually set in November/December for the following financial year.

During the current financial year expenditure is reviewed quarterly and compared with the budget forecast. In addition to this a monthly financial report and Bank Reconciliation are discussed at each Parish Council meeting. 

At the end of the financial year the Parish Council carry out the Annual Governance and Accountability Return, as part of this process the finances are sent to an Internal Auditor for review. All relevant documents regarding this process are below. 

Audit Reports

Audit 2018/2019
The Finances are currently with the internal auditor, the auditors certificate will be displayed once the work is complete. 
The Parish Council will be discussing the Statement of Accounts at their meeting in June 2019.

Audit 2017/2018
items of expenditure £100 2016-2017
Notice of the Conclusion of audit 2017-2018
External Auditor Final Report and Certificate 

Audit Reports 2013-2017
Audit Report 2016/17
Audit report 2015/16
Audit Report 2014/15

Audit Report 2013/14

2018 Finances

April Monthly Report 2018
April Bank Reconciliation
May Monthly Report 2018
May Bank Reconciliation
June Monthly Report 2018
June Bank Reconciliation
July Monthly Report 2018
July Bank Reconciliation
There was no Parish Council meeting held in August so no Monthly Report was produced. 
August Bank Reconciliation
September Monthly Report 2018
September Bank  Reconciliation
Spending compared against Budget April-Sep 2018
October Monthly Report 2018
October Bank Reconciliation
November Monthly Report 2018
November Bank Reconciliation
December Monthly Report 2018
December Bank Reconciliation
Spending against Budget April-Dec 2018
Expenditure above £500 April – Dec 2018
January Monthly Report 2019
January Bank Reconciliation
February Monthly Report 2019
February Bank Reconciliation
March Financial Report 2019
March Bank Reconciliation
2017 Finances
April Monthly Report 2017
May Monthly Report 2017
June Monthly Report 2017
July Monthly Report 2017
August Monthly Report 2017
September Monthly Report 2017
October Monthly Report 2017
November Monthly Report 2017
December Monthly Report 2017
January Monthly Report 2018
February Monthly Report 2018
March Monthly Report 2018
2016 Finances

April Monthly Report 2016
May Monthly Report 2016
June Monthly Report 2016
July Monthly Report 2016
August Monthly Report 2016
September Monthly Report 2016
October Monthly Report 2016
November Monthly Report 2016
December Monthly Report 2016
January Monthly Report 2017
February Monthly Report 2017
March Monthly Report 2017


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